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Ecodesign Regulations Meeting

Ecodesign Regulations Meeting


The meeting, organised by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism (MINCOTUR), in collaboration with UNE, looked at the challenges and opportunities arising from March 2021, when a wide range of products will have to comply with Directive 2009/125/EC.

These regulations will play a significant role in sectors related to energy storage systems and energy efficiency; in addition, the regulations incorporate new features relating to energy efficiency and the circular economy, and clarify their scope and market inspection aspects.

The meeting emphasised the importance of standards for ecodesign regulations, as strong tools to help in their development. The need for appropriate Administration measures for carrying out adequate market surveillance was highlighted, as was the desirability of participating in standardisation forums that draw up standards to develop these regulations.

Javier García, UNE's CEO, closed the event and thanked MINCOTUR for its willingness to embrace the initiative from the Electrotechnical Consultative Commission of the UNE Board of directors, and for organising a meeting to disseminate knowledge on standardisation, give voice to all interested parties, and continue the public-private collaboration model that enables our industry to continue pushing forwards.