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Global Agreement Progress report.

The UNE Group, as a member organisation of the Spanish network in the United Nations Global Compact, follows up on its commitments in accordance with the latter's ten principles, which are grouped in four blocks:

  • Human rights
  • Labour rights
  • Environmental rights
  • Combatting corruption
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UNE tools for compliance

  • Corporate Responsibility Commission. 
  • Code of Ethics: applies to all the concerned parties that are involved in the activities of UNE; it is distributed among all the staff and it includes training actions.
  • Regulation of the Crime and Fraud Prevention System at UNE and the companies in its group.
  • Crime risk map, defining measures to reduce crime.
  • Guidelines in competition law
  • Processing Protocol for Commercially Sensitive Information
  • UNE's Code of ethics and confidentiality
  • Commission Regulation on Equality and Work-life Balance UNE and AENOR
  • Commitments established in UNE's Occupational Health and Safety Policy.
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyles by means of campaigns and workshops.
  • Personal management data, in accordance with the GDPR -