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Ethics and Social Responsibility

Global Agreement Progress report.

The UNE Group, as a member organisation of the Spanish network in the United Nations Global Compact, follows up on its commitments in accordance with the latter's ten principles, which are grouped in four blocks:

  • Human rights
  • Labour rights
  • Environmental rights
  • Combatting corruption
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UNE tools for compliance

  • Corporate Responsibility Commission. 
  • Crime risk map, defining measures to reduce crime.
  • Commitments established in UNE's Occupational Health and Safety Policy.
  • Personal data management, in accordance with the GDPR.

Corporate information Good Governance


Technical standards are a useful tool to enable the SDGs to be attained.

The standards are based on collaboration and consensus. They provide organisations with practical guidelines, establish measurable and traceable criteria, provide tools for verifying compliance, and connect production/service delivery with consumption/the customer.

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