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Electro-technical and ICT Project Manager

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Our human resources management is based on our corporate values:

  • People    
  • Excellence
  • Future vision
  • Results oriented
  • Commitment

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In addition, at UNE we respect and promote…

Diversity and equal opportunities

The diversity of gender, age and capacities is managed with the aim of guaranteeing equal opportunities. Different tools guarantee this equality, especially the Equality Plan, which is a system that ensures the fulfilment of the adopted measures.

Competitive benefits and flexible remuneration
Competitive benefits and flexible remuneration

The UNE team has a comprehensive compensation package that includes market-competitive benefits and career growth opportunities. In this sense, it offers its professionals a flexible compensation package and a set of measures intended to facilitate a work-life balance. 

Security and well-being
Security and well-being

UNE comprises a culture of prevention whose safety management system guarantees the security of the people that work here and promotes healthy habits by providing our team with training actions and informative talks about current topics related to a healthy lifestyle.

Knowledge management
Knowledge management

UNE, as a community of knowledge, is permanently committed to training and developing our people for the purpose of putting this knowledge at the service of society through Standardisation and Cooperation processes.