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Corporate Social Responsibility

Discovering the 7 fundamental materials

​This brochure provides a basic understanding of the voluntary international standard UNE-I​SO​​ ​​​26​000. ​It is designed to be a first step towards helping all types of organisations - both in the public and private sector - to consider implementing UNE-ISO ​​26000.​


Value generation

Charts on economic value for UNE
Economic value

​In the combination of sustainability and competitiveness, companies that want to survive in their environment must be able to create value for their stakeholder groups and refrain from merely adhering to creating value for their shareholders.​​

Further information

Tree for environmental value in UNE
Environmental value

​The circular economy measures are designed to promote the competitiveness of the EU by preparing companies to deal with resource scarcity and price volatility. This contributes to creating business opportunities and innovative and more efficient production methods. To do so, it uses standardisation as a tool of proven effectiveness.

Further information

Paper figures for social value UNE
Social value

​Issues such as considering occupational health and safety​ and the needs of people with disabilities, as well as guaranteeing that the population will effectively enjoy active ageing are supported by standardisation as way of contributing to achieving citizens' equality and enabling them to effectively exercise their rights.

Further information