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Exportation Standardisation

Success stories

Success story Guo Chenguang​​

SAC (Stand​ardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China)​​

Guo Chenguang​​

​​"En los últimos ​años se está produciendo un avance en los intercambios comerciales entre China y España. Standardisation is the basis for these exchanges"

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Success story Joan Tristany​​​​

AMEC (Association of Industrialised Business) ​​

Joan Tristany​​​​

"Within the environment of industrial technologies and equipment, internationalisation is inexorably linked to innovation and technical standards"

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Main functions

Domino effect in the sectors for UNE
Defending Industries

The increasing influence of international organisations in the regulation of industrial activities requires the guarantee that Spanish representatives are capable of defending the interest of the various sectors.

Different currencies for free trade in UNE
Free-trade Agreements

The EU holds several Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with countries all around the world regarding the promotion of trade and commercial regulation by means of the harmonisation of technical standards. UNE takes part in these negotiations via CEN and CENELEC.​

UNE technical barriers
Breaking down technical barriers

To facilitate the launch of products and services onto markets in other countries, UNE establishes collaboration agreements with national authorities and standardisation bodies of third-party countries, to expedite the statutory and regulatory requirements in each country.​

Spanish flag
UNE standards: Spain as a brand

Quality products and services, pursuant to global requirements covered in UNE standards, contribute to promoting Spain as a brand.​​​​​

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Standards, the language of the world
In Spain, approximately 10,000 specialists work every year on 215 Technical Standardisation Committees at UNE. The standards drawn up in these committees constitute an essential tool for entering new markets.

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News on European and international standardisation

To learn about the latest developments in European and international standardisation see our newsletter.

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Standards facilitate travel

​In Spain, the lighting sector is focusing on exports and technical standards are helping them to succeed"

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