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New areas under development

New standardisation proposals

The proposal to develop a standard can originate from any entity, whether public, private, the UNE or its Governing Bodies, International or European standardisation bodies at the proposal of a member country.

​​​If you want to offer your opinion, get information or participate, please contact If you want to propose a new standardisation development, send us the following form with the requested information so we can consider and assess your proposal.

New proposal form

Circular economy

Circular economy

ISO proposal: Approved.

Conclusions and presentations of the CE Briefing Session 

Activities coming up: 27 June, launch of the new UNE technical body on the Circular Economy. If you are interested in participating, please contact

Sharing economy

Sharing economy

ISO proposal: Approved. 

The International Committee for Standardisation ISO/TC 324 "Sharing economy" has been established.

Presentations at the Briefing Session on the Collaborative Economy:

Activities coming up: Launch of the new UNE technical body on the Collaborative Economy. If you are interested in participating, please contact


Public procurement

CEN proposal: Approved

The International Organization for Standardization has created: ISO/TC 324 “Sharing economy”

Activities coming up: creation of a national committee for public procurement in April-May 2019.

For more information:

Technical bodies recently set up

​​If you want more information or to participate, please contact

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The contribution of standardisation to companies' competitiveness


Standardisation helps to prevent market disaggregation and contributes to the building global, transparent markets.

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The use of standards reduces costs and risks, incorporates ​innovative activities and generates trust among users. This facilitates market acceptance and expedites marketing.​​

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​​The Digital Single Market is one of the most promising areas and one which poses the most challenges to progress.
Standardisation helps entities to address the challenges of digitisation.

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Social Responsibility

​​The principles of good governance are beneficial and essential for sustaining business growth and the creation of value.​​

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​Voluntary standards can help build a true Single Market in the area of services, as they have done in the area of products, facilitating the hiring of services and the establishment of suppliers in other countries.

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Public Policies

The Joint Initiative on Standardisation, provided for in the European Commission single market strategy, is a public and private collaboration initiative that seeks to promote standardisation as a tool for European industry to launch in new markets.​​​​​​

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