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Standards on Recovery and Resilience Projects

Dual ecological and digital transition

​Dos de las principales líneas directrices del Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia son promover la transición ecológica y la digital. Numerous standardisation areas in UNE drive both transitions in companies.

Ecological transitionDigital transformation
Case studies

The Spanish Association for Standardization (UNE), has established its first alliances with Spanish sector associations in several of their Strategic Projects for Economic Recovery and Transformation proposals. Among other projects, it participates in the construction and infrastructure sector, together with SEOPAN (Spanish Association of Construction Companies and Infrastructure Concession Groups). and of the Spanish Construction Technology Platform (PTEC); in offshore wind energy with AEE (Wind Energy Association); in the lighting sector with ANFALUM (Spanish Association of Lighting Manufacturers) and in the technical installations of buildings, with AFME (Spanish Association of Electrical Equipment Manufacturers).

UNE is working with other associations, as well as with large and small companies and research centres, to participate in these new initiatives.

First collaborations Technological Platforms

Boost to the Recovery in Spain

Spain is preparing to develop a large number of initiatives for the recovery and modernisation of the economy, backed by unprecedented European funding.

All these initiatives should consider the leverage effect that the development of new standardisation can bring to their objectives, projecting them in the longer term and the entire sector they are intended for. The benefits arise from the very nature of standards, which are key to competitiveness.