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Training in standardisation

Webinars for stakeholders in standardisation

​ UNE organises free online seminars (webinars) for professionals involved in technical standardisation committees.

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Special interest groups for training in subjects related to standardisation

Professional with laptop in training UNE

To help professionals who want be up-to-date in standardisation matters, there are two courses offered through the AENOR training catalogue.

These courses address, to varying degrees, the knowledge necessary to understand the standardisation system and include short workshops on social skills.

As they are modular, both courses can be customised to combine their contents and they are also available in an in-company setting. These custom-made courses are especially recommendable for associations to offer them to their members and for companies that have several people who are involved in standardisation or who actively use technical standards.

University text books and graduation cap for training UNE

There are a plethora of positive synergies and interactions between standardisation and the university, and they have been empirically proven in many cases, such as through a connection between standardisation andR&D&I.

Standardisation can be integrated into the university context through many activities, ranging from motivational talks, to the use of standards in subjects, the integration of standardisation into subjects, master's degree courses, or even as a subject itself. Similarly, the approach varies, ranging from handling a specific standard to the strategic use of standardisation, or the use of standardisation as a tool for teaching specific skills; negotiation, communication, etc.

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Public Administration employees for training UNE
Public Administration

Standardisation is an activity regulated by the administration which, in turn, frequently uses standardisation and the quality infrastructure. It participates with more than 1,000 representatives in technical standardisation committees. The Administration usually uses standards in legislation, as examples of more than 6,000 standards are cited in Spanish legislation, and in purchasing documents.

Improving the Administration's knowledge and its use of standardisation is also an objective of the Joint Initiative on Standardisation. and its signatories; therefore, UNE offers a practical workshop that can be customised and given at any location. Face-to-face and online courses that focused on the law and other public acquirement were carried out.

Course information

Front page for the online course on "Standards for SMEs", for training UNE
Online course on "Standards for SMEs", prepared by CEN and CENELEC​​​

Designed for SMEs to provide them with an increased understanding of the following topics: ​​​

  • Why do I have to use standards?
  • How can I find and apply standards?
  • What are the advantages of participating in standardisation?

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Academic award

UNE has opened the call for the 3rd Award for academic papers on standardisation. Students with a Master's dissertation, end-of-degree project or essay linked to standardisation from any Spanish university can participate in this award.

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International Congress on Standardisation, Standards and University Quality (CINECU)

On 6 June, the 4th edition of the International Congress on Standardisation, Standards and University Quality (CINECU) will be held in Madrid.

The aim of the congress is to reinforce the link between standardisation and academic standards at universities and to discuss the importance of standards as essential tools for higher education establishments and for quality assurance at universities.