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Commemorative event for its 50th anniversary

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Foreign trade statistical report

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UNE members are satisfied with the Association's activity

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What the members are saying

Elena Orgilés

Mar Duque

"Standardisation allows the industry to develop in a stable and risk-free manner".

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Enrico Frabetti

David Trebolle

Wind energy  
"Standardisation builds credibility in the markets and provides security".

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Ana Muñoz

Begoña Beltrán

Steel sector 
"Standards guarantee the quality and safety of products manufactured in the textile sector"

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​Being a MEMBER of UNE means forming part of the largest standardisation influence and decision-making network


The benefits of being a member of UNE

Take part in technical committees

Special conditions for participating in standardisation bodies.


Access standards

​Special conditions for obtaining standards.



​Special conditions for enrolling on training courses.


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Social Responsibility

​Being a member of the Spanish Standardisation Organisation means contributing to the sustainability of the standardisation system, which is becoming more valued, as the use of standards is currently considered a key tool for competitiveness and support for public policies, as well as an activity directly linked to corporate social responsibility

Ethics and Social Responsibility

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