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Standardisation training in universities

Standardisation training in universities

In our country many universities provide training on specific standards (quality, environment, testing, etc.), but very few of them explain the use of standardisation as a tool.


Education on standardisation in universities is considered a priority in many countries that have strategic plans in this regard, and is directly stimulated by its governments. In our environment this subject is considered of strategic value for the European Commission and is object of an action carried out by the Joint Initiative for Standardisation. ​

As a result, UNE and the universities that are most active with regard to standardisation have crea​ted a University Education Forum on Standardisation (EUE Forum), the aim of which is to promote education with regard to standardisation in universities.​​​​​​ Different actions are carried out through this Forum, such as:

Academic standardisation award
Academic standardisation award

UNE has promoted an annual academic award since 2016. The prize is open to students from any Spanish university doing a master's or bachelor's degree final project broadly related to standardisation.

The award is held on 14 October, approximately on World Standards Day, and is open to any work presented between 15 September of one year and 15 September of the next. Projects from 2019 to 2021 will be accepted in the current edition. 

Award rules Present your work UNE Awards for work

Workshops for teachers on the use of standards in universities
Workshops for teachers on the use of standards in universities

​The course is intended for professors, university lecturers and academic researchers.

Its primary goals are to raise awareness of the economic importance and the uses of standardisation, teach the basic principles of standardisation, provide techniques and resources to educate on standardisation, gain an understanding of the role of standardisation in R&D&i projects and understand the connection between standards and​ legislation.

See more information on the course

International Congress on Standardisation, Standards and University Quality (CINECU)
International Congress on Standardisation, Standards and University Quality (CINECU)

The International Congress on Standardisation, Standards and University Quality (CINECU) is held on an annual basis, and its purpose is to promote the relationship between standardisation and university education.

CINECU is a place where we can see how standards and standardisation are a tool for developing essential university activities. The congress is usually attended by university lecturers from Latin America and Spain, who discuss in detail the various aspects involved in standardisation at universities and in education.

More about the CINECU
Educational material on standardisation

There are increasingly more companies throughout the world that are aware of the importance of education on standardisation, and as a whole they have developed vast documentation on the topic. The documentation covers topics ranging from scientific studies and testing, to various teaching support materials; textbooks, notes, supporting material, etc.​

Given that cooperation is in the essence of standardisation, these types of materials are usually shared publicly to enable other companies to use them. Since the aforementioned material is usually created in diverse contexts, UNE created repositories compiling the most notable material.