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Webinar series on standardisation UNE 2022

Webinar series on standardisation UNE 2022

Since2016, UNE has organised free online seminars (webinars) for professionals participating in UNE technical standardisation committees. 

Over time, the webinar series has developed in content, recipients and technological tools, but it has maintained the original objectives behind the creation of the series. 

These regular meetings allow us to make standardisation accessible by discussing specific aspects of our activity as well as supporting the work of the over 12,000 specialists involved in drawing up standards. 

Below you will find the schedule for 2022. In general, the webinars will start at 13:00 and will last approximately 30 minutes, with extra time for questions. The webinars are available through eCommittees in the folder Recorded webinars.

If you have questions or comments, please email us at the following email address:

Webinar 1

Standardisation in PERTE (Strategic Projects for Economic Recovery and Transformation) projects


Webinar 2

UN Global Compact progress report


Webinar 3

Good governance in standardisation committees


Webinar 4

Good practice in online committee meetings


Webinar 5

Standardisation activity subsidies


Webinar 6

Why is it important for companies to participate in standardisation?


Webinar 7

Types of regulatory documents


Webinar 8

Tools for a Green Transition


Webinar 9

Procedures to aid the promotion of the UNE mark


Webinar 10

UNE Communication


Webinar 11

Meet the standardisation members