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Economic value

Economic value

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Applying the principles of good governance is beneficial and necessary for sustaining an organisation and creating economic value.​​

​​Standards provide solutions in the areas of management and process improvement, and more recently in the field of the governance of organisations. In addition to other uses, standards provide us with tools to create a culture of compliance or to combat corruption by ensuring compliance with obligations and commitments and helping to prevent unethical or illegal behaviour.​​​​​​​​​​

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UNE 19601: Criminal compliance

They help to prevent crime in organisations

​​The UNE Standard 19601 is the first Spanish standard that includes requirements to implement, maintain and improve a criminal compliance management system. The standard can help to mitigate or even eliminate criminal liability for legal entities.​

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Non-compliance risks

​The compliance function permits organisations to detect and manage risks regarding any non-compliance with their obligations. The UNE-ISO Standard 19600 "Compliance management systems. Guidelines is a powerful tool in this field."

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Beyond compliance

​Rather than following the law merely to prevent criminal, civil, labour or administrative sanctions, compliance goes one step further and enables the accreditation of an organisation's due diligence when detecting and managing the risks which they face due to any non-compliance with their obligations.

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Anti-bribery management system

​Bribery is one of the most common corruption mechanisms in business. The Standard UNE-ISO 37001 for anti-bribery management systems provides organisations with a series of measures that can be adopted in a proportional and reasonable way to prevent, detect and manage criminal behaviour related to bribery in compliance with legislation and other commitments made voluntarily.​

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