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UNE strengthens its commitment to the Global Compact


The Spanish Association for Standardization - UNE, has strengthened its commitment to the United Nations Global Compact, with the publication of its fourth Progress Report. This document, published jointly with the other two entities that comprise the UNE, AENOR and CEIS Group, refers to the progress and compliance with the Ten Principles of the Global Compact in the field of the environment, human rights, labour standards and anti-corruption.

The Global Compact drives the implementation of these Principles to promote sustainable development. It is the UN initiative leading sustainability in the business world, appealing to companies and organizations to align their strategies and operations with ten universal principles and to take measures to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

UNE joined this initiative in 2014, assuming a firm commitment to good governance, compliance and transparency. The recently approved UNE 2025 Strategy sets out this commitment of the Spanish standardization body to sustainability, the SDGs and Agenda 2030. Specifically, the third objective of this Strategy is for UNE to be recognized as an exemplary organization in Spanish society.

The Progress Report includes the activity conducted during 2019 and 2020, years in which the entity has experienced significant progress in terms of good corporate governance, based on a solid compliance model and best practices. In this regard, UNE became the first Association to join the Code of Best Tax Practices of the Spanish Tax Agency (AEAT). 

2020 was notably affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. A health crisis in which UNE, consistent with its mission to contribute to social welfare, has put all its efforts into mitigating its effects.

Among other initiatives, it took the exceptional measure to provide free access to more than 55,000 UNE standards for the manufacture of essential materials in the fight against coronavirus at the height of the pandemic and in the face of widespread material shortages. This enabled the manufacture of medical devices and personal protective equipment with quality, safety and speed. This action was recognized by the Spanish Network of the United Nations Global Compact, other entities and the whole of Spanish society, consolidating UNE as a social benchmark.

It has also developed several business management and product quality and safety standards for reducing the risks of COVID-19, in conjunction with relevant sector associations and administrations, in a successful public-private collaboration. So, standards were developed for hygienic masks, tourism, funeral facilities and ultraviolet radiation equipment.

It also shows how UNE generates quality employment, is committed to the environment, sustainability and the SDGs. In this regard, technical standards help organizations to achieve the SDGs. Standards provide a cornerstone, a benchmark for advancing in the demonstration of the commitment of organizations to their stakeholders and sustainable development.