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UNE adopts the Code of Good Tax Practices


The Spanish Association for Standardisation-UNE, is the first association to adhere to it. Spanish Tax Agency (AEAT) Code of Best Tax Practices. It has taken this initiative in coordination with the other two entities that make up the UNE Group: AENOR and the Testing, Innovation and Services Centre (CEIS).

With this action the three organisations are reconfirming their increasing commitment to their tax obligations and it is aligned with their common objective of promoting the welfare of society, helping to generate the confidence that is essential for the development of the productive sectors and the economy. To contribute to this same goal, in 2019 the Spanish Association for Standardization published the standard UNE 19602, on Tax compliance management systems.

This adhesion to the Code of Best Tax Practices involves following a business practice based on the principles of transparency, good faith and cooperation with the Spanish Tax Agency (AEAT); This practice is reflected in aspects such as:

• The willingness to reduce significant tax risks and the behaviours that can create them.

• The desire to avoid the use of structures of an opaque nature for taxation purposes.

• The detection and search for solutions to tax practices that could be considered fraudulent.

• The board of directors or its equivalent body to be regularly informed about the tax policies applied by the company.

Thus UNE takes one step further in its already broad commitment to the practical tax improvements based on the principles of integrity, prudence and transparency, which prevent opaque or aggressive tax strategies.

On the part of AEAT, the Code requires the need to act in accordance with the principles of transparency and legal certainty in the application and interpretation of tax standards.

So far, there are more than 150 organisations associated with the Code; both this and the list of members appear on the AEAT website

Please find more information in the press release attached.