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Free UNE webinars for 2021

UNE launches its ambitious free webinar cycle for 2021


The Spanish Association for Standardization (UNE) has launched its free webinars for 2021. Access the content and register via this link.

The webinars are aimed at the more than 12,000 experts from organisations who participate in the development of standards in one of the 220 UNE Technical Standards Committees (TSC).

They address specific technical topics and are especially useful for management staff in standardisation committees. They also provide TCS members with an opportunity to update their knowledge on standardisation. 

How to make the most of the TSC online meetings, how to communicate standardisation or the digital transformation of standardisation are just some of the interesting topics that will be addressed this year.

All the webinars are hosted monthly and last for 30 minutes, with further time for questions. Recorded versions of all webinars and presentations are uploaded for all representatives in the folder set up for this purpose in e-committees.

Please send any queries or comments to the following address:

Webinars 2021​​​​