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First ISO standard on gender equality in organizations


Despite the progress made in recent years, no country in the world has achieved true gender equality. To respond effectively to this global challenge, a draft standard has been created within the framework of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that will promote real equality between women and men in organizations around the world.

The future ISO 53800 standard, which will be the first global standard in this area, proposes a model to achieve equality between women and men in an organization, regardless of its nature, activity, size or location. With an approach of inclusivity and continuous improvement, it allows each organization to move forward to achieve real gender equality.

To bring the future standard into being, under the leadership of the French standardization organization AFNOR, ISO has created a new technical body: the ISO/PC 337 Guidelines for the promotion and implementation of gender equality. 33 ISO member countries from Africa, America, Asia and Europe have committed to actively participating in the project and another 24 countries, spread across all continents, have chosen to adopt the position of observers in order to keep track of its evolution.

In Spain, an active member of ISO/PC 337, the UNE Committee on Gender Equality (CTN 194), chaired by Val Díez, President of the CEOE Equality and Diversity Commission.

This UNE Committee is responsible for defining the position of Spain in the international project. Its composition is plural and representative of society, through its institutions, professional associations, business fabric, civil society organizations, trade unions and knowledge centres, among others.