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Digital preservation of Cinematographic Works


The recently created CEN/TC 457 "Digital preservation of Cinematographic Works" has the aim of developing a European standard (ES) defining the long-term archiving of digital films. This will identify the requirements of necessary interoperability as well as interoperability testing or compliance checks between files. This aim is also to develop a technical report on good practices and procedures for the use of existing standards for archival purposes, and ways of guaranteeing digital integrity and data quality.

With the consent of the CTN50 "Documentation", the CTN50/SC2 "Digital preservation of cinematographic works" has been established at a national level, with the aim of monitoring the work to be carried out in CEN/TC 457.

During the subcommittee constitution meeting, it was approved that UNE would take the role of Secretary; the presidency would fall to Mr. Luis Antonio Castrillo (Filmoteca Española), and the vicepresident would be Mr. Juan José Carretero (Delux Content Services Spain, s.l.).

The next meeting of CEN/TC 457 is planned for 2nd October.