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APQ standard

UNE Standard 192012-0, the reference for the Storage of Chemical Products (APQ)


On 18 May the UNE Online Meeting for Standard UNE 192012-0 will take place, the reference for the regulatory inspection for the storage of chemical products.

At the event, organised by the Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, in collaboration with BEQUNOR, this new strategic tool will be presented that helps inspectors, control bodies and companies comply with the legal inspection requirements established in the Chemical Storage Regulations (APQ) and their Complementary Technical Instructions (ITC).

The new standard UNE 192012-0 sets the general requirements with respect to the procedures for carrying out regulatory inspections of chemical storage and the specific requirements for storage without complementary technical instructions. It is strong support from the Public Administrations in the effective deployment of regulations, as well as facilitating compliance by companies.

UNE 192012-0 is the first part of a series of standards that will constitute the reference framework for carrying out regulatory inspections of chemical storage, in accordance with the APQ regulations in Spain. It has been developed in UNE's CTN 192/SC 12, whose secretariat is BEQUINOR, with the participation and consensus of all parties involved (Public Administrations, inspection and control entities and industry specialists).

At this event, leading experts from inspection and control entities will present this new strategic tool.

To follow the event, you will need to sign up by registering. You will soon receive the link to connect to the session.

You can receive a 10% discount on the purchase of the Specification for attending the conference by entering the promotional code ENCUENTROUNE192012. We will give you more details soon.

Date: 18 May

Time: 12:00-13:30

Live teams online event


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