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Meeting: UNE Standard 192012-0, on inspecting the storage of chemical products


The Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification, UNE, held a meeting on the UNE 192012-0 Standard, the reference for the regulatory inspection of the storage of chemical products, where this new strategic tool was presented.

At the event, renowned experts in the sector underscored the relevant role of this standard in assisting inspectors, control bodies and companies comply with the legal inspection requirements in the Chemical Storage Regulations (APQ) and their Complementary Technical Instructions (ITC).

Technical standards are strategic allies to Administration agencies in the effective deployment of public policies and in the development of laws, and they facilitate compliance by companies. In fact, over 9,250 UNE standards are cited in national laws.

The UNE 192012-0 Standard, recently published by the Spanish agency for standardization, sets the general requirements with respect to the procedures for conducting regulatory inspections of chemical storage and the specific requirements for storage without ITC.

UNE 192012-0 is the first part of a series of standards that will constitute the reference framework for carrying out regulatory inspections of chemical storage, in accordance with the APQ regulations in Spain. It has been developed in UNE's CTN 192/SC 12, whose secretariat is BEQUINOR, with the participation and consensus of all parties involved (Public Administrations, inspection and control entities and industry specialists).

Currently, CTN 192/SC12 is already working on the second part of the series for regulatory inspections of the storage of hazardous chemicals in mobile containers, ITC MIE APQ-10.

Taking part in the event were Rosa Sánchez, Director of BECINOR; Alberto Bernárdez, Chairman of FEDAOC; Miguel Angel Ruiz, Industrial Director of TÜV Austria Iberia; José Luis García, Field Operations Manager Euskadi at TÜV Nord Cualicontrol; Marceliano Herrero, technical expert at BEQUINOR; and Paloma García, Director of Standardization Programmes and Stakeholders at UNE.

UNE is a successful model of public-private collaboration.

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Ms. Paloma García.

Director of Standardisation Programmes and Stakeholder Groups at UNE;

Ms. Rosa Sánchez

Director of BEQUINOR / Secretary CTN 192/SC 12

Mr Alberto Bernárdez

Chairman of FEDAOC / Chairman CTN 192/SC 12

Mr Miguel Angel Ruiz

Industrial Director of TÜV Austria Iberia

Mr José Luis García

Field Operations Manager Euskadi at TÜV Nord Cualicontrol

Mr. Marceliano Herrero

Technical Expert at BEQUINOR

UNE meeting: UNE 192012-0 Standard

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