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UNE Meetings

End of the cycle of UNE Meetings, followed by more than 1,000 experts


On 17 June, the Spanish Association for Standardization completed its ambitious cycle of UNE Meetings, which were followed by more than 1,000 experts from organisations. Through 6 online sessions, UNE aimed to share the knowledge and contribution of business management standards with which to confront this crisis, in a bid to generate confidence.

The UNE Meetings analysed key aspects such as risk management, business continuity, resilience, industrial digitalisation and cybersecurity. The cycle, which began on 14 May, included participation from top experts, such as the Secretary-General of ISO.

At the 6th UNE Meeting, the second session on cybersecurity was held, focusing on the role that standards play in the European regulatory framework in this field.  

The Meeting, moderated by Carmen Martín (UNE), was attended by Félix Barrio, Director of the Cybersecurity Hub - Tecnológico de Monterrey; Unai Gómez, Head of Global Privacy at Eleven Paths - Telefónica; and Amanda Suo, UNE's Standardization Manager in the area of Cybersecurity.

Félix Barrio focused his presentation on the new legislative package from the European Commission on cybersecurity, highlighting the need to achieve consistency between harmonised requirements, the legislative requirements of specific sectors and those of the voluntary schemes of the European Cybersecurity Act.

Unai Gómez commented on Telefónica's adaptation to the regulatory framework for cybersecurity and data protection and also highlighted the role of standards in the assessment and certification processes for ICT products and services. He also stressed the importance of the development of cybersecurity regulations in Latin America based on European regulations for the export of these products and services.

Finally, Amanda Suo presented the CEN/CLC JTC 13 work programme, Cybersecurity and Data Protection. She highlighted the development of a map of standards and legislation on cybersecurity and an evaluation of how horizontal standards could support essential sectoral legislation, with the ultimate goal of developing a coherent architecture for the standardisation of cybersecurity in Europe.  

Within the framework of the 6th UNE Meeting, we have set up a discount code, which you can use to purchase the standards discussed at a special rate until 1 July through the following link Once you have selected the standard you wish to acquire, enter the code UNENCUENTROS.