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Spain, leader in adoption of international ISO standards


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Spain is leading the way in the adoption of international standards, according to the latest report by ISO, the International Organization for Standardization. The study The ISO Survey shows that Spain is among the first to adopt technical standards in areas such as quality, environment, governance and anti-bribery, or occupational health and safety management. The Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, a Spanish member of ISO, plays a key role in developing international standards and in raising awareness regarding the importance of compliance.

Spain is the fifth country in terms of companies and institutions to have adopted the quality standard (ISO 9001), one of the more widely-known standards. In fact, 60,617 work centres in our country have been certified under this standard, which ranks Spain behind only China, Italy, Japan and Germany; and followed by France, India, the United Kingdom and the United States. UU. Similarly, the survey highlights that Spain is the fifth country in terms of workplaces with anti-bribery certification, fourth in energy and occupational health and safety management, and second in road traffic management.

These figures stress the importance of standardization and the support that is given to standards in Spain. Standards are an invaluable support when it comes to driving foreign trade and helping sell national products and services abroad by guaranteeing best practices in quality and safety, as well as designs that are compatible with international standards. At the same time, standards are very useful when bidding for public tenders and to inspire trust among investors. This is the result of the work UNE carries out to put these standards to use and disseminate them.

Mainstay of recovery

Standardization will be one of the basic pillars for economic recovery and the good use of European funds, according to the new report UNE Standards for economic recovery.

For example, the adoption of standards relating to the efficient use of energy and environmental protection can guarantee the fund manager that funds are distributed to organizations that respect and support EU objectives. At the same time, those entities certified in cybersecurity management and business continuity will contribute to the resilience of the country.