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third UNE Meeting is successfully completed

Another success as the third UNE Meeting takes place


Yesterday, Wednesday, 27 May, the third UNE Meeting took place, which marked up another success after bringing together more than 260 experts from different organisations. The meeting formed part of the webinar cycle organised by the Spanish Association for Standardization every Wednesday in May and June.

The Meeting, moderated by Paloma García (UNE), featured three leading experts in this area: Ana Mariblanca (UNE), who presented the latest news on the catalogue of standards and projects in development, presented UNE-ISO 22316 and UNE-ISO/TS 22330.

Meanwhile, Pedro Pablo López (CONTINUAM) shared his vision of the concept of resilience and the creation of an organisational culture with this approach.

José Luis Bolaños (former director of Security at the Naturgy Group) presented his experience in the actual implementation of a business resilience model, addressing the obstacles overcome. 

The session highlighted how risk management, business continuity and organisational and social resilience are the three pillars that inform the evolution of business management practices for tackling the "new normal" and the COVID-19 crisis from a multidisciplinary management standpoint, and may become decisive elements for private client-supplier contracts or even in public procurement.

The issues discussed at the Meeting included the mentions of the need for a Resilience Strategy, both at a national and European level; the way to integrate suppliers and other groups into the implementation of a resilient model; how to approach this process from the SME perspective and the need to consider ICT and cyber resilience in building a resilience model. The plan to set up a national committee within UNE to deal with business continuity and resilience was another point discussed at the meeting.


International standards for business continuity and resilience have been incorporated recently into UNE's catalogue of standards.

Within the framework of the third "UNE Meeting", we have set up a discount Code, which you can use to purchase the standards discussed at a special rate until 1 July through the following link you have selected the standard you wish to purchase, enter the code UNENCUENTROS.

The next UNE Meeting dedicated to the importance of the digitisation of the industry in the current scenario will be held on Wednesday, 3 June, at 17:30.