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The 5th UNE Meeting analyses cybersecurity

The 5th UNE Meeting analyses cybersecurity


On Wednesday 10 June, the 5th UNE Meeting was held, launching the block dedicated to cybersecurity, within the cycle programmed by the Spanish Association for Standardization.

The Meeting, chaired by Carmen Martín (UNE), was attended by Miguel Bañón and José María de Fuentes, Chair and Vice-Chair, respectively, of CTN 320, Cybersecurity and Personal Data Protection.

José Francisco Ruiz, Co-founder of jtsec and Amanda Suo, head of standardization in the field of cybersecurity at UNE, also took part.

During the session, the participants analysed cybersecurity as a sectoral need, laying out the spectrum of standards available to support the implementation of cybersecurity measures in products and services, as well as in the field of business management. 

Miguel Bañón focused his presentation on the context of international standardization, highlighting the importance of compliance with standards to guarantee interoperability and build trust among users with regard to online devices. He also made mention of the new EU Cybersecurity Act, which establishes a common European framework for the certification of secure ICT products and services, in order to strengthen the European cybersecurity industry.

Amanda Suo presented the standardization scenario in cybersecurity and data protection in the national context, presenting the work programme of CTN 320. She highlighted the influence and technical contribution this UNE committee is having on international standards, as well as the national standardization initiatives being undertaken.  

José María de Fuentes analysed the current impact of cybersecurity on persistent threats and the COVID-19 crisis, highlighting the role of standardization in the field of mobile apps cropping up on the market, such as those used for contact tracing.

Finally, José Francisco Ruiz presented the UNE standard initiative on the LINCE methodology for the assessment of cybersecurity of ICT products, aimed at analysing vulnerabilities.   

Within the framework of the 5th "UNE Meeting", we have set up a discount Code, which you can use to purchase the standards discussed at a special rate until 1 July through the following link Once you have selected the standard you wish to acquire, enter the code UNENCUENTROS.

The 6th UNE Meeting, which will deal with the role of cybersecurity standards in the European regulatory setting, will take place on Wednesday, 17 June at 17:30 (GMT+2:00) Madrid