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2nd UNE Meeting

The 2nd UNE Meeting brings together more than 250 experts


On Wednesday, 20 May, the 2nd UNE Meeting was held, with great new success, after bringing together more than 250 experts from different organizations. Under the slogan How to tackle business continuity, this meeting forms part of the webinar series organized by the Spanish Association for Standardization every Wednesday in May and June.

The Meeting, moderated by Paloma García (UNE), featured 3 recognized experts in this area: Ana Mariblanca (UNE), who presented the latest news on the catalogue of standards and projects in development. Ángel Escorial (APEGRI), who shared his vision on how to integrate continuity into business management, taking a more in-depth look at the standards UNE-EN ISO 22301 and UNE-EN ISO 22313, and their relationship with the UNE-ISO 31000 standard on risk management. Uxía Fernández (Ozona Consulting) presented the upcoming standard UNE-ISO/TS 22317 for business impact analysis (BIA), which is a key element for the effective implementation of a continuity management system.

The session highlighted how risk management, business continuity and organizational and social resilience are the three pillars that inform the evolution of business management practices for tackling the "new normal" from a multidisciplinary management standpoint, and may become decisive elements for private client-supplier contracts or even in public procurement.

Other issues discussed were the possibilities of integrating the continuity management system with other management systems (9001, 14001 or 27001); considering ICT continuity as a pillar for business continuity, and plans to set up a national committee within UNE to deal with continuity and resilience.


Furthermore, international standards for business continuity and resilience have been incorporated into the catalogue of UNE standards. These include UNE-EN ISO 22300:2020 Safety and Resilience. Vocabulary contains all the terms and definitions used in the rest of the standards in this series.

La UNE-EN ISO 22301:2020 Safety and resilience. Business Continuity Management System (SGCN). Requirements is the basic standard of SGCN and is based on UNE-EN ISO 22313:2020, which provides guidelines for its use.

Other relevant aspects of continuity, such as business impact analysis (BIA), human aspects and strategy are addressed in UNE-ISO/TS 22317:2020, UNE-ISO/TS 22330 and UNE-ISO/TS 22331, respectively.

The series is rounded out with UNE-EN ISO 22316:2020, which is a tool for improving organizational resilience.

Within the framework of this Meeting, we enabled the Code UNEnegocio0520, which can be used to purchase the standards at a special rate via the following link

The next UNE Meeting, on the topic of Organizational and Social Resilience will be held on Wednesday, 27 May at 5:30 pm.