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World Health Day


World Health Day is celebrated on 7 April and this year it wishes to pay tribute to nurses and midwives all over the world. With this day, the WHO aims to recognise the fundamental role that they play in keeping the world healthy. This is more relevant right now than ever, as healthcare workers everywhere have become our true heroes in the fight to contain the pandemic caused by Covid-19.

The Spanish Association for Standardisation, UNE, wants to add to this occasion by underling the existence of over 900 specific standards that help to improve the quality and safety of healthcare products and services.

These standards cover practically all healthcare equipment, such as surgical masks: (UNE-EN 14683: 2019 + AC), single-use medical gloves (UNE 455-1 series of Standards) or quality management systems for healthcare transport companies (UNE 179002).

Aware of the pressing need to manufacture healthcare products and personal protective equipment (PPE), which are top priority to the companies that produce these materials, the Spanish standardization body has taken the initiative to offer, free of charge, a set of standards that are especially relevant during this current health emergency. Further information here.

In the international arena, ISO is working on several projects, such as the one aimed at improving the quality of clinical learning environments for health professionals.