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4th UNE Meeting

The 4th UNE Meeting underlines the key role of industrial digitisation


On Wednesday 3 June, the 4th UNE Meeting was held, within the cycle programmed by the Spanish Association for Standardization; the subject on this occasion was the importance of the digitisation of the industry in the current scenario.

The Meeting, moderated by Paloma García (UNE), was participated in by the National State Administration, as members of the private sector who shared experiences. Jordi Llinares (Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism) shared the lines of action and strategic areas of the Connected Industry 4.0 Plan.

For his part, José Antonio Jimenez (UNE) presented the Specifications UNE 060 and 00061, which have been made available to the industry to address the digital transformation process.

Meanwhile, Carlos Ferrer (FERMAX) presented his experience in product digitisation, moving from product sales to product sales plus associated services. 

Throughout the session, he highlighted that digitisation is not currently an option, but a challenge that must be addressed by Spanish industry, with a need to focus the transformation cost as an investment with a clearly defined return.

The digital transformation process represents a significant organisational change in which new risks associated with change must be considered, such as cybersecurity. Organisations have been equipped with support tools to deal with this process, such as the programmes for industrial companies promoted by MINCOTUR, regional aid and UNE standards.

Among the issues discussed, mention should be made of the need for coordination of the different Public Administrations with responsibilities in the field of digitisation, the importance of Intersectoral collaboration or factors that can slow down the decision to start the transformation process for SMEs negatively impacted by the current economic scenario.

Within the framework of the 4th "UNE Meetings", we have set up a discount Code, which you can use to purchase the standards discussed at a special rate until 1 July through the following link Once you have selected the standard you wish to acquire, enter the code UNENCUENTROS.

The next UNE Meeting dedicated to business continuity will take place on Wednesday, 10 June at 17:30 (GMT+2:00) Madrid