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AEAS campaign against the "Monster of the sewers"

AEAS campaign against the "Monster of the sewers" supported by the UNE 149002 Standard


Nearly 50 companies have signed the Declaration of adherence to the awareness campaign promoted by the urban water sector "Don't feed the sewer monster," on products that are unsuitable for toilet disposal.

The Spanish Association of Water Supplies and Sanitation (AEAS) has been responsible for promoting and encouraging this initiative, which aims to avoid environmental and economic problems caused by obstructions and damage to homes, sewer networks, pumping equipment and sewage treatment stations.

The campaign stresses that only 3 Ps should be discarded through the toilet: Pee, poo and toilet paper ─products that comply with the UNE 149002:2019 Acceptance criteria for products that can be flushed down the toilet ─ That is, urine, faeces and toilet paper (3Ps in English: Pee, Poo and Toilet Paper).

UNE standard 149002 establishes the criteria and requirements for identifying those products that are biodegradable and disintegrate and, as a result, may therefore be flushed down the toilet.

The standard provides an effective response to the problem of obstructions in the sewage network, by providing quality disposable products that respect the environment, through establishing objective criteria.

Among other requirements, the standard states that products must not contain synthetic materials and must successfully pass all required tests.

The standard has been promoted by the water and paper sectors, prepared with the participation of all the parties involved, and is a consensus between them all.

AEAS has led the Technical Standardisation Committee (CTN) 149 on Water Engineering within the Spanish Association for Standardisation, UNE. This group was responsible for drawing up the Standard UNE 149002. Since 2014, it has also participated in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Working Group, where the organisations managing the sanitation infrastructures work together with the manufacturers of disposable products.

Those companies that want to join this initiative can do so by sending their logo to the email and will be incorporated into the document, until 19 November, "World Toilet Day."