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The UNE standard on products that can be flushed down the toilet has been published

The UNE standard on products that can be flushed down the toilet has been published


​The UNE 149002 standard defines the criteria and requirements to identify products that are biodegradable and disintegrable and therefore flushable. Among other requirements, the Standard specifies that the products must not contain synthetic materials and must successfully pass all the required tests. The standard was promoted by the water and paper industries, drawn up with the participation of all the parties involved, and its final outcome is the result of a common consensus. 5 February 2019. The Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, has published the UNE 149002:2019 Standard, entitled Acceptance criteria for disposable products that may be flushed down the toilet. This standard establishes the criteria and requirements for identifying those products that are biodegradable and disintegrate and, as a result, may therefore be flushed down the toilet. 

The standard provides an effective response to the problem of obstructions in the sewage network, by providing quality disposable products that respect the environment, through establishing objective criteria.

For this reason, UNE standard 149002 states that wipes and other disposable products must meet various requirements with respect to their composition and capacity for sedimentation, dispersion, disintegration, and biodegradation. To do this, products must successfully exceed all the tests that prove they comply with the different requirements through acceptance criteria. For example, products should contain no synthetic materials. 

The standard also establishes the marking, labelling, and messages to be used on the products that comply with the standard, to ensure that only flushable products end up in the toilet. 

UNE standard 149002 applies to products habitually used in the bathroom, which are designed, labelled, and marketed implicitly or explicitly as flushable.

This standard has been promoted by the Spanish water and paper sectors, who, concerned about this problem, set up a working group whose secretariat was from the Spanish Water Supply and Sanitation Association (AEAS) as part of the Spanish Association for Standardsation, UNE. The standard was developed by the Technical Committee for Standardisation CTN 149 Water Engineering, in which all the parties involved participated, and the standard is the result of a consensus. 

These include sectorial associations that are UNE corporate members: Spanish Water Supply and Sanitation Association (AEAS); Spanish Association of Pulp and Paper Manufacturers (ASPAPEL); Spanish Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Perfumery Association (STANPA); and the Association of Detergent and Cleaning, Maintenance and Related Product Companies (ADELMA). Water utility companies, raw material manufacturers and transformers, testing laboratories, and wastewater pump manufacturers, among others, have also participated.