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Agreement with the Spanish National Library


The Spanish Association for Standardization-UNE, has signed a collaboration agreement with Spanish National Library (BNE) with the aim of promoting the development of standardization actions within the scope of documentation, supporting the management of the Secretariat of Technical Standardization Committee CTN 50 Documentation.

The purpose of this committee is to draft, update and contribute to the dissemination of UNE standards related to the scope of documentation, as well as to monitor ISO's international standardization projects assigned to CTN 50.

This CTN's activity involves standardizing all stages of the information transfer process through documents, including the preparation, drafting and presentation of documents and summaries; and storage, both of the documents and of the information in them, and their reproduction. It also deals with everything related to techniques applicable to micrography.

UNE develops collaboration agreements with the Public Administrations with the aim of supporting them in the efficient deployment of public policies and regulations through technical standards. UNE is a successful model of public-private collaboration.