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The benefits of standardisation

Paper figures for the benefit of society UNE
The benefits for society

​Standards are a proven tool of support for Public Administrations in the area of regulatory simplification, especially in relation to public security and environmental protection.

Generally speaking, standards are key to a country's development. Studies in various countries, including Spain, have shown that the contribution of standardisation to their economy is 1% of the GDP, thus, contributing to increased wealth and generating employment. Standards thus represent clear improvement for society at large.​​

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The benefits for companies

A recent survey on the economic impact of standardisation determined that there was a 19% increase in turnover in the export sector observed in companies that purchase standards or participate in standardisation committees, as the figure corresponding to their exports stands at 18.2%, compared to 15.3% of all the companies polled. In other words, standards are a passport to increasing sales abroad.

Other studies estimate the contribution of standards to improved productivity to be 13% and the reduction in costs to be more than 7%. As a result of standardisation, the sales of the polled companies increased on average by nearly 15% and the increase of profits due to this was quantified at 9.6%.

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Small-scale business owners in benefits for SMEs of UNE
The benefits for SMEs

​Standardisation enables SMEs to increase their competitiveness and reach new markets. At UNE, SMEs can easily participate in the creation of standards by taking part in the standardisation process, either at national or European level or internationally.

Similarly, UNE offers solutions designed to facilitate access to standards and their application.

Within the framework established by the Small Business Act and under the slogan "Think small first", the EU Standardisation Regulation 1025/2012 promotes the participation of SMEs in the standardisation process and facilitates their access to the results.

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