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UNE Standardisation and Innovation Awards

Its purpose is:

  • Disseminate knowledge of standardisation in the research and innovation community.
  • Raise awareness on the benefits of standardisation in R&D&I activities.
  • Promote the use of standardisation in this framework.

2021 prize to CONTACTICA S.L.

CONTACTICA is an SME dedicated to consultancy that, in addition to other services related to market analysis, export consortia, life cycle analysis or taxation of R&D&I, is specialised in detecting the needs of different industries and proposing solutions that generate added value through the execution of R&D&I projects, providing services ranging from generation of idea, sourcing funding, and drafting the proposal to involvement in the execution of the project. CONTACTICA's collaboration with UNE on Horizon 2020 European innovation projects began in 2015. Since then, CONTACTICA has requested UNE to participate, both as partners and as a subcontractor, in 11 proposals for new projects in which standardisation activities have been introduced in this way. Three of them have obtained European Union funding: ALEHOOP (G.A. 887259), coordinated by CONTACTICA and in which UNE participates as a subcontractor, UP4HEALTH (G.A. 888003), in which CONTACTICA is a member and UNE subcontractor, and NeoGIANT (G.A. 101036768), in which both are partners. The role of expert facilitator in the drafting of proposals developed by CONTACTICA and other consultancies is fundamental in many cases to achieving excellent proposals that triumph in the very difficult competition of public funding. Its services are used by companies, universities or research centres, thus making them important players in the innovation environment. CONTACTICA has identified standardisation as a factor of excellence in its European R&D&I project proposals and includes specific activities in a large number of them. This is an important driving force for promoting the integration of standardisation into R&D&I projects through practice, raising interest about this integration with other participants who may otherwise be unaware of it.


2020 award to Fundación TECNALIA Research and Innovation

Since 2011, the TECNALIA Research and Innovation Foundation has been the leading applied research and technological development centre in Spain and one of the most important in Europe.

Its huge participation in European funding programmes such as Horizon 2020 includes a broad integration of standardisation in its projects. In many of them, sharing participation with UNE and other European standardisation organisations.

TECNALIA is also aware of the importance and benefits of participating in longer-term standardisation work, contributing its experience in technological innovation to more than 40 UNE Technical Standardisation Committees. In some of them, it performs major roles as chairs, secretariats or coordination of working groups.

The award was collected by Iñaki San Sebastián prize, CEO of TECNALIA Research and Innovation, on behalf of the entire organisation.


2019 Award to Joan Guasch Corominas, Director of International Development and Public R&D&I Programmes at EURECAT-Centro Tecnológico de Catalunya

​Desde el primer contacto con UNE en 2014, EURECAT incluye sistemáticamente aspectos de estandarización en un alto porcentaje de sus propuestas de nuevos proyectos. Fundació EURECAT is UNE's most common partner in new proposals for European R&D&I projects.

This commitment to the role of standardisation in R&D&I was generated and developed thanks to the motivation of different people within the organisation, from the pioneer Esther Hurtós to a long list of others. The 2019 prize was received by Joan Guasch, Director of International Development and Public R&D&I Programmes, in representation of them all.

In recent years, Joan has become one of the ambassadors for the use of standardisation in R&D&I forming part of the Advisory Board of the European project BRIDGIT2 'Saving the void between the communities of standardisation, research and innovation', and participating in UNE events and publications.

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2018 prize for Isabel Lacave Azpeitia, from Acciona Construcción, coordinator of the H2020 BRESAER project

Acciona was one of the first Spanish companies to include aspects of standardisation in European R&D&I projects, requesting UNE's collaboration on several occasions since 2012 to define and manage the corresponding tasks.

The BRESAER project 'Innovative adaptable enclosure solutions for building renovations' (H2020, G.A. 637186), represents a success story in the use of standardisation, promoting proposals for the modification of several European standards, or the publication of the CWA 17437:2019 'Innovative and adaptable components on existing façades for building rehabilitation. Guidelines for design, economic assessment, logistics and installation'.

Isabel Lacave Azpeitia, its coordinator, has resolutely supported the European standardisation system, participating in different events and publications, using her experience at BRESAER as an example of the gaps and needs that researchers and innovators have on standards. In this way, she has contributed to raising awareness among standardisation organisations about this need and to the search for the best solutions in their mutual approach.


European Standards+Innovation Awards

In 2019, the European standardisation organisations CEN and CENELEC launched the Standards+Innovation Awards to highlight the important contribution of researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs to standardisation.

The awards consist of four categories: European projects, Individual researchers and innovators, Standardisation professionals and, since 2021, Young researchers.

Different Spanish successes have been achieved, such as the award in 2019 for the H2020 SMR project, coordinated by the University of Navarra, and in 2020 for the H2020 NEXTOWER project, with the participation of CIEMAT and UNE.

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