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Webinar with ANFALUM on the safety and use of UV radiation equipment


Tomorrow, 9 June, the Spanish Association for Standardization (UNE), will be participating in the online webinar cycle in collaboration with the Spanish Association of Lighting Manufacturers (ANFALUM)

Bajo el título Jornada Equipos de Radiación Ultravioleta: Safety and Use, will also be the setting for the presentation of new Specification UNE 0068:2020 Safety requirements for UVC devices used for air and surface disinfection in premises, a topic of the highest relevance in the post-coronavirus scenario. This Specification has been promoted by ANFALUM.

Speakers include José Manuel Prieto, Deputy Director-General of Industrial Quality and Safety for the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism; Covadonga Caballo, Deputy Director-General of Environmental Health and Occupational Health at the Directorate General of Public Health, Quality and Innovation of the Ministry of Health; Javier García, CEO of UNE and Alfredo Berges, Managing Director of ANFALUM.

For attendees of the webinar, a discount code of 15% will be enabled for the acquisition of the Specification and other related standards.

Day: 9 June

Time: 18:00