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Webinar_Standardisation and energy transition

AELEC webinar: Standardisation and energy transition


The Asociación de Empresas de Energía Eléctrica (the Association of Electric Power Companies, AELEC), convened representatives of distribution companies in the webinar "Standardisation and energy transition," held yesterday, with the participation of the Spanish Association for Standardisation (UNE).

At the online event, experts from various organisations analysed the outstanding contribution of standardisation to the promotion of the energy transition, while reminding themselves of the main actions necessary to be undertaken by the distribution companies.

Paloma Sevilla, Managing Director of AELEC, reiterated that "standardisation is an activity that affects and applies to all sectors of the economy and is characterised by being a process involving experts and representatives of all the agents involved."

Javier García, General Director of UNE, said that "standardisation has been providing effective answers to major environmental challenges for decades, being a strategic ally of Administrations and companies. Technical standards drive the energy transition, harmonising best practices, establishing a common language and providing reliable, consensual tools that generate confidence among everyone."

Following the keynote speeches, the roundtable was held, moderated by Angel Arcos, professor at the Higher School of Engineering, University of Seville and Chairman of UNE's Technical Standardisation Committee CTN 217 on electrical energy supply systems.

Also participating in the seminar were: Juan González, Head of Standardisation of e-Distribution (Endesa); Guillermo Allende, Head of i-DE Standardisation, Smart Grids (Iberdrola Group); Ángel Ramos, Head of Architecture and Standardisation at UFD Electricity distribution (Naturgy Group) and Ramsés Garrote, Head of Planning, Projects & Innovation at Viesgo; All of them provided their practical views on the application of standards in their fields.

AELEC is a member of UNE and is involved in the development of key standards for the competitiveness of its associates. For example, it manages the secretariats of CTN 207 Electricity transmission and distribution and CTN 217 Power supply systems.



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