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Visit of the Turkish Standardization Institution

Visit of the Turkish Standardization Institution


The Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, has hosted a study visit by the Turkish Standardization Institution (TSE) to learn about the model used by the Spanish standardization body.

The study visit took place on the 25, 26 and 27 June as part of the EU-funded project "Technical Assistance for the Improvement of the Standardization System and Raising Awareness". The goal was to understand the UNE model as part of the European standardization system.

The work sessions involved various UNE professionals who shared the knowledge and experience of the Spanish standardization organization, providing a global view of how it functions.

In particular, this involved aspects linked to the production of standards, information systems and new technologies, visibility campaigns, the participation of SMEs in standardization processes, and advances in sectors in which UNE is a leader, in developments such as tourism or Industry 4.0.

This study visit has given the Turkish Standardization Institution (TSE) staff a progressive and innovative perspective on the modern approach of the current system, developed in a national European standardization organization, like UNE.

The Turkish delegation was headed by Ethem Kaya, Deputy General Secretary of the Turkish Standardization Institution, who was received by Javier García, UNE's Managing Director.

Spain leads the world in standardization. Increasingly, standards developed in this country are the basis for global and European standards, and Spain is a benchmark for standards relating to accessibility, tourism, sustainability in construction, compliance, smart cities, and innovation.

In addition, Spanish experts head up 127 international and European technical standardization bodies.