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UNE and CECU join forces to raise awareness of the importance of complying with standards


The Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, has participated in the "Just Original" fair to highlight the importance for society of complying with UNE standards. The aim is to raise awareness in schools among future professionals who will use standards on a daily basis. The event was organised by the Confederation of Consumers and Users (CECU) at the GSD Vallecas School and discussed the consequences of the production and trafficking of counterfeit goods on the consumer health, economy and rights.

The event was also attended by the National Perfumery and Cosmetics Association (Stanpa) and GSD Educación. The "Just Original" project is funded by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and is the result of the data obtained from the latest progress report on the breaching of intellectual property. The report showed that counterfeit goods cost governments across the European Union approximately 15 million euros a year.

UNE has now launched a collaboration relationship with CECU, with a view to raising awareness of the importance of standardisation and compliance. This agreement is included in one of the pillars of the UNE 2025 Strategy, that of bringing the Association closer to society, and especially young people, to create opportunities for dialogue that will serve the interests of society and contribute to building a safer and more competitive world.

UNE was represented by Daniel Massó, Head of Knowledge Management and Agenda 2030.