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UNE joins the campaign on standards and innovation


The European standardization organizations CEN and CENELEC, and the national standards organizations, including UNE, have launched a social media communication campaign to promote the new website on standards and innovation,

The website aims to be a common point of access for members of the research and innovation community who require more information on standardisation. As well as offering basic information, the website also shows the benefits of standards and standardisation in R&D&i activities, it includes examples of specific cases and it provides contact details of national bodies offering more information and practical support.

The hashtag #standardsplusinnovation has been adopted by the campaign, and will be used to publish content from different sources and promote communication among all stakeholders.

The Standards+Innovation initiative is financed by the European Union and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). It aims to increase collaboration between the research and innovation community and standardisation bodies and highlight the outstanding contribution of standards in making R&D&i more effective in industry and society, thus ensuring that its results and applications are more easily available on the market.

Last November, Standards+Innovation organised a major European Conference: Boosting Innovation Through Standards, which brought together more than 350 attendees to discuss the need to promote standardisation within the world of R&D&i.

Since 2012, the Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, has been a regular participant in EU R&D projects, with over 70 interventions, especially in Horizon 2020. This R&D&i public funding programme aims to ensure that activities are not limited to the scientific field, but also provide an effective response to economic and social growth in Europe and in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.