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UNE renews its governing bodies

UNE renews its governing bodies


The Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, has held elections to renew half of its Board of Directors, as well its Standing Committee. The main business organisations, companies and representatives from central and autonomous administrations are represented in the highest management bodies of UNE.

After the voting process, 32 new members have been renewed on the Board of Directors. The UNE Board of Directors currently comprises 66 members, representing 30 economic sectors and several Public Administrations. It represents practically all sectors that comprise the Spanish economic fabric. UNE is a model example of public-private collaboration. The new sectors that have been incorporated include health, transport, oil and mining.

The Board of Directors also voted in four members of the Standing Committee, with representatives from AMETIC, ANFALUM, FACEL and SERCOBE being re-elected. The UNE Standing Committee is formed by the Chairman and ten members. In addition, the Board of Directors has renewed the positions of Deputy Chairman and Treasurer.

The UNE Standing Committee, chaired by Carlos Esteban Portal, comprises:

  • Carlos Esteban Portal (AFME, Spanish Association of Electrical Equipment Manufacturers) Chairman of UNE
  • Alfredo Berges Valdecantos (ANFALUM, Spanish Association of Lighting Manufacturers), now Deputy Chairman of UNE
  • Edmundo Fernández Puértolas (AMETIC, Association of Businesses in the Electronics, ITC, Telecommunications and Digital Content sectors), re-elected UNE Treasurer
  • Segundo de Pablo Alonso (FACEL, Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Electrical and Fibre Optic Cables and Conductors)
  • Juan Ramón Durán Puebla (SERCOBE, National Association of Capital Goods Manufacturers)
  • Luis Rodulfo Zabala (CEPCO,Spanish Confederation of Construction Materials Manufacturers' Associations)
  • Fernando Fraile García (ICTE, Institute for Tourism Quality in Spain)
  • María Moreno López de Ayala (SEOPAN, Spanish Association of Construction Companies and Infrastructure Concessionaires)
  • Raúl Megía Rodríguez (Telefónica de España S.A.U.)
  • José Manuel Prieto Barrio (The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism).

UNE's partnership base is made up of more than 500 members, representing virtually all of Spain's business fabric. These include the main business associations, top Spanish companies, and a significant representation of Public Entities from all levels.