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UNE publishes a new report to promote the good governance of organizations


The Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, has published a report that highlights the outstanding contribution of standardization in good corporate governance, with the aim of reducing risks, increasing the resilience of companies and guaranteeing business continuity.

The report Good Governance of Organizations identifies the standards necessary to promote six key aspects of good governance of organizations: corporate, resilience, inter-organisational relations, health and safety at work, digital transformation and sustainable activities. The Spanish standardization body has identified around 40 standards that support the good governance of organizations in these strategic areas.

Standardization in this area also allows us to address cross-cutting issues and to have a strategic vision with a 360º approach.

Javier García, UNE's CEO, highlights that "good governance is one of the major challenges of society and organizations today. Its proper management is essential to be better prepared to face changes, overcome crisis situations such as the current one and generate trust. Standardization, which is based on the principles of consensus, openness, transparency and its robust procedures, will help organizations successfully meet this challenge".

The document is aligned with the recently approved UNE 2025 Strategy, whose first objective is to contribute to providing solutions for the challenges facing society. 

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