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UNE presents its anti-COVID-19 measures at the BEQUINOR General Meeting


The National Association for Standardization (UNE), participated in the General Meeting of BEQUINOR (National Association for Standardizing Industrial Equipment and Safety Goods) which took place remotely today.

The Director General of UNE, Javier García, spoke at the round table on Safety, at which experts from Public Administrations and other organisations explained their contribution to overcoming the crisis caused by coronavirus, as well as the latest developments in matters of safety.

Javier García presented the various measures developed by UNE to help combat COVID-19. These measures include free access to UNE standards in order to facilitate the manufacturing of medical devices and personal protective equipment, such as face masks, gloves, glasses and robes with the quality, safety and speed required.

It has also developed several business management and product quality and safety standards for reducing risks against coronavirus, together with other relevant sector associations who are also UNE members. The standards developed cover areas, such as hygienic masks, tourism, funeral facilities and ultraviolet radiation equipment.

The Director General of UNE also emphasised the relevance of risk management and business continuity standards for overcoming the current scenario.

Javier García presented the different specific standards In the field of Industrial Safety, such as the UNE 192012 series on regulatory inspection for the storage of chemical products (APQ). In response to the needs of the sector, UNE has created the subcommittee CTN 192/SC 12, whose secretariat is BEQUINOR.

BEQUINOR is a member of UNE and leads the drafting of standards within its sphere of activity.