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new Compliance standards

UNE presents the new Compliance standards


The Spanish Association for Standardization (UNE), participated in the 5th International Compliance Conference organised by Thomson Reuters, which brought together the world's leading experts in this field.

During the online event, Marta Fernández, Head of Standardisation in Compliance at UNE, presented the new ISO standards with the best practices in matters of compliance, which are to appear shortly.

The first to be published will be the ISO 37301 on Compliance management systems. Requirements with guidance for use, which will replace the standard ISO 19600. Its publication is scheduled for February 2021.

As a result, the future ISO Standard 37002 Management systems for complaint channels. Guidelines will be available in April.

Furthermore, the ISO Standard 37000 Guidance for the governance of organisations will be published throughout the first half of 2021.

UNE's expert also put forward the proposal to work on a national UNE standard on competition compliance, promoted by the Basque Authority on Competition Compliance.