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UNE, awarded by the Perfume Academy

UNE, awarded by the Perfume Academy


The technical body CTN 84/SC 1 of the Spanish Association for Standardization (UNE) has been recognised with an award at the 12th edition of the Academy of Perfume (2019), which took place yesterday in Madrid. More than 100 applications have been submitted for these awards.

This Spanish national working group received the prize in the category of Sustainability/Innovation for its participation and leadership in the ISO international standards. Via this technical body, experts from Spanish companies promote the development of international standards on essential oils produced in Spain to ensure high quality standards and facilitate trade exchanges in the sector. This involves essential oils representative of Spain such as clementine, sweet orange, cypress, oregano, rosemary and lavender, among others. For example, this group has led the ISO 3140 Standard on the essential oil of sweet orange expressed or the ISO 20809 Standard on essential oil of cypress, drafted in the ISO/TC 54 Essential oils, with the UNE as secretariat and chaired by Stanpa.

Esther Bermejo, UNE's representative in the CTN 84/SC 1 and secretary of the ISO/TC 54, and Manuel Peña, Chair of the UNE essential oils national group collected the award on behalf of the group.

Spain is an international leader in standardisation. More and more experts from Spanish companies lead global standards; Similarly, Spanish UNE standards are increasingly the basis for drawing up international and European documents.

This technical body has published 35 standards and has four projects for future standards in the pipeline.

A total of fifteen awards were presented, chosen by a large jury made up of more than 50 beauty experts, 16 representatives from different art and culture disciplines and the elite group of academics from the Perfume Academy.