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UNE, institutional member of the DTI Network

UNE, institutional member of the DTI Network


​The Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, has recently joined the Smart Tourism Destinations Network (Destinos Turísticos Inteligentes; DTI) as an institutional member to participate, boost, support, and promote the Smart Tourism Destinations Network (Red DTI). This initiative, launched in October, aims, via an action plan, to support the conversion of destinations, promote cohesion, encourage the exchange of good practices, and make good use of synergistic gains between the destinations and the sector. The DTI Network, which is made up of nearly 70 town councils and entities, has now been joined by the following member institutions: FEMP;; the Spanish Confederation of Hotels (Confederación Española de Hoteles - CEHAT); the Spanish Tourism Quality Institute (Instituto para la Calidad Turística Española - ICTE); the AMETIC and CONETIC associations; and UNE. This network will provide an advisory service for helping implement the DTI method and will promote the implementation of UNE standards. The CEO of UNE, Javier García, signed the agreement between UNE and Red DTI on February 27, during the constitution of its two governing bodies, presided over by Isabel Oliver, Secretary of State for Tourism. Spain is a global benchmark in the standardisation of Smart Tourism Destinations. UNE standard 178501 Management system for smart tourism destinations. Requirements offer a systematic approach based on strategic areas so that a destination can be considered smart: Innovation, Technology, Universal Access and Sustainability, all governed by a management authority.