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UNE, honorary member of ENAC


​La Entidad Nacional de Acreditación, ENAC, ha otorgado a la Asociación Española de Normalización, UNE, la condición de miembro de honor. ENAC and UNE are strategic members of the quality infrastructure in Spain. The National Accreditation Entity (ENAC) is the organisation designated by the Government to operate in Spain as the country's sole national accreditation organisation. According to Beatriz Rivera, managing director of ENAC, «support from the Spanish standards organisation, UNE, is essential for the proper functioning of the accreditation system in Spain, which represents all interested parties. It also provides an opportunity for knowledge transfer and is a valuable contribution to the development of accreditation schemes and the evaluation process, thus allowing a more efficient response to market demand». Furthermore, UNE's managing director, Javier García, declared that 'this recognition by ENAC of UNE highlights the close relationship between accreditation and standardisation and contributes to the building of trust in the quality infrastructure in Spain, taking into account both organisations' participation and leadership at a European and international level». The work of both organisations has led to contributions promoting competitiveness and efficiency in the sectors of activity and the country's economic fabric. For example, the guide for the use of technical standards and accreditation in public procurement has been recently launched, which will be followed by other developments aimed at providing distinctive value. ENAC's governing bodies have another two honourable members: the Spanish Metrology Centre (CEM), and Mr Antonio Muñoz, as ENAC's ex-president. Similarly, ENAC currently has more than 100 members.