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The Market Surveillance Observatory

UNE launches the Market Surveillance Observatory to promote greater public-private collaboration.


The Spanish Association for Standardisation-UNE, has launched the Market Surveillance Observatory (OVM) with the primary aim of strengthening public-private partnerships between governments and private enterprise. It also contributes to compliance with technical standards as it provides market credibility, boosts industrial activity and is a guarantee for consumers.

El Observatorio de UNE está dirigido a facilitar a las organizaciones el cumplimiento del nuevo Reglamento Europeo (UE) 2019/1020 de Vigilancia de Mercado y Conformidad de Productos, que entrará en vigor en nuestro país progresivamente durante el próximo 2021. Como aspecto novedoso, se crea un marco de cooperación de las Autoridades de Vigilancia del Mercado con organizaciones que representan an operadores económicos, como así queda explicitado en el artículo 9 relativo a las actividades conjuntas de vigilancia de mercado.

The new European legislation strengthens the surveillance of the market for products subject to harmonised legislation in order to improve the functioning of the internal market. The initiative falls under the competence of governments and local authorities, which the new community regulation aims to strengthen, enhancing mechanisms for public-private collaboration.

The Spanish standardisation body is itself a successful example of a public-private partnership, made up of 140 relevant national sector associations, many of the country's elite companies and various governments and local authorities.

The UNE Observatory, which is aimed at governments and local authorities, distribution (including online platforms) and consumers, seeks to bring together the interests of all parties under a joint framework and to become an ideal platform for dialogue, debate and agreements.

The activities of the Observatory cover all economic sectors, with a horizontal approach (e.g., e-commerce and waste), and three sectors with a vertical focus: products for children (toys, childcare products and children's clothing); household consumer products (textiles, detergents, paints, furniture and cosmetics); and industrial products for professionals (electrical equipment, lighting, electrotechnical and construction).

The UNE Observatory already includes more than 30 Spanish business organisations and the Ministry of Consumer Affairs; the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism; and the Ministry for the Ecological Transition. 

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