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UNE starts a project in Saudi Arabia that will facilitate access to this market for Spanish companies


The Spanish Association for Standardisation, UNE, has launched a cooperation project in Saudi Arabia, together with its counterpart in the country, the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization, SASO, with the aim of promoting bilateral trade relations and facilitating access to this market for Spanish companies.

The project, entitled "Study and evaluation of the current and future status of quality infrastructure activities in KSA", will be implemented through direct dialogue with the responsible Saudi authorities. In this report, UNE will assess the current status of the country's quality infrastructure services and subsequently identify options for improvement and develop a roadmap to bring Saudi Arabia's quality infrastructure up to the highest international standards.

The plan will also support the implementation of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, as well as its industrial strategy in priority sectors for the country. This includes the analysis of all the pillars that make up its quality infrastructure (technical regulations, technical standards, metrology, accreditation, conformity assessment, inspection and laboratories) and of the needs of economic operators in the country.

In this way, the two bodies will align Saudi Arabia's market requirements with international requirements, removing technical barriers to trade.

International cooperation

UNE works hard for international cooperation, with more than 900 activities already carried out that support the development of a solid quality infrastructure in regions of importance to Spanish commercial interests.

The organisation develops technical support projects in other countries with the aim of facilitating the introduction of products and services in the international market. Since the nineties the Association has promoted these activities, contributing its experience and knowledge as market access, technology transfer and sustainable growth tools; fostering EU and Spanish international policies; and harmonising the access requirements to other markets.

UNE focuses its activities on projects financed by multilateral (European Union, World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, etc.), bilateral entities and sovereign funds, aiming to strengthen the quality infrastructure capacity of organisations; promoting institutional support, public policies, competitiveness in the private sector and best practices; and facilitating trade by eliminating technical barriers in all sectors.