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UNE promotes the future development of European standards for hyperloop systems


Spain is celebrating. The European standardisation organisations CEN and CENELEC have approved the creation of a new standardisation committee that will develop standards to guarantee the safety and interoperability of the new hyperloop transport systems throughout Europe.

The hyperloop is a safe, fast and energy-efficient transport system for transporting large numbers of people and goods between cities, countries and across a continent.

This pioneering global initiative, spearheaded by Spain, will permit the development of standards for hyperloop systems, and was launched by the Spanish Association for Standardisation, UNE, in collaboration with the Royal Netherlands Standardization Institute (NEN). UNE is the Spanish member of CEN and CENELEC, and represents Spanish organizations in European and international forums, where the standards that enable them to compete are developed.

A cross-European network of ultra-high-speed transportation, designed to reach speeds of 1,100 kilometres per hour, is coming closer to reality with the creation of the CEN-CENELEC/JTC 20 "Hyperloop Systems" committee.

SEOPAN (Association of Infrastructure Contractor and Concessionaires), a member of UNE, has been a driving force in this initiative, having supported the project since its origins. The project's technical collaborators are the team from the Spanish company Zeleros, who are developing a scalable hyperloop transport system, and ArcelorMittal, involved in infrastructure aspects.

CEN-CLC/JTC 20 will be structured into working groups focused on various components of the hyperloop systems, including vehicle systems, infrastructure, pipe components, general infrastructure and communications protocols. The consortium of hyperloop companies responsible for promoting the creation of the CEN-CLC/JTC 20 committee, together with members of several national standardisation organisations and industry experts, will participate in the working groups, contributing their technical expertise.