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UNE 2025 Strategy, Objective 2 video

2025 Strategy: UNE carries out its digital transformation


The Spanish Association for Standardisation-UNE has just launched its Strategy 2025 which aims to help Spanish society overcome its major challenges through standardisation and international cooperation activities.

This Plan is based on three strategic objectives: to provide solutions to the challenges facing society, to carry out the digital transformation of the entity, and to be recognised as an exemplary organisation in Spanish society and business.

To explain this strategy in a simple, interesting and informative way, we have produced 3 videos for each of the three objectives. We are pleased to present the second video on Objective 2: UNE carries out the digital transformation of the entity.

This second Objective is based on 4 priorities:

1 To produce standards suitable for the digital economy

2 To transform the process of developing standards

3 To transform the UNE financing model to suit the digital age

4 To take care of UNE professionals and ensure their digital training 

UNE 2025 Strategy, Objective 2

UNE 2025 Strategy, Objective 1

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