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UNE, present at the latest meeting of the IECRE

UNE, present at the latest meeting of the IECRE


The Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, participated in the last annual plenary meeting of the IECRE, the IEC System (International Electrotechnical Commission) for the conformity assessment of renewable energy equipment and systems.

UNE attended as a Spanish delegation, representing the interest groups of the Spanish Monitoring Committee of the IECRE System. The meeting in Feldkirch, Austria was attended by over 40 expert stakeholders from 15 countries, including OEMs, test laboratories, RE equipment manufacturers, certification bodies and inspection bodies.

The IECRE System was established in 2014, in response to the demand for an international and transparent certification system based on recognised standards for use in Renewable Energy Sectors. IECRE facilitates trade by eliminating duplicities in assessments and certificates, and reducing costs for manufacturers and end-users.

At its sixth plenary meeting, major changes were implemented in the structure of the IECRE in order to ensure faster decisions processes in the future while maintaining the consensus-based involvement of our stakeholders.