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UNE, present at the largest tourism event in the world

UNE, present at the largest tourism event in the world


The Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, has participated in the International Congress on Tourism Quality, organized by the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality (ICTE), which brings together the main representatives of the international tourism industry to discuss the future of the sector.

UNE's Managing Director, Javier García, intervened today at the round table "Opportunities and challenges for Smart Tourism Destinations (STD)."He stated, "We must continue working together to develop a comprehensive model for tourism quality and competitiveness in Spain. This is the objective of UNETUR, promoted by the State Secretariat for Tourism, with the support of key players in the sector, such as SEGITTUR, ICTE, ITH and UNE. Standards, in which area we are global leaders, play an important role in this goal." 

Spain is the only country in the world with 45 specific UNE standards for the tourism sector, as stated in the report Support for standardisation in the tourism sector. Seven of these have become the basis for drawing up international ISO standards, thus exporting Spanish expertise and knowledge to the rest of the world.

Spain also leads the international Committee for Standardization ISO/TC 228 on tourism and related services.

In the area of STI, Spain has developed four pioneering standards: Management of STIs (UNE 178501 and UNE 178502), Semantics (178503) and Smart Connected Hotel (UNE 178504).

The standards are drafted with the participation and consensus of all the parties involved. UNE standardization is a model of success in public-private collaboration between Public Administrations and pertinent sectors.

The Spanish Association for Standardization is collaborating at this event. The ICTE is a member of UNE and is firmly committed to standardization; it manages the secretariat of ten CTN and is part of the Standing Committees and Board of Directors.

The table was sponsored by AENOR.

In the photo (from left to right: Antonio Pérez (Benidorm City Council); Celia Romero (Smart Tourism); Sergio González (AENOR); Edurne Vidal (SEGITTUR) and Javier García (UNE).