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UNE, at Fitur Know-how & Export


The Spanish Association for Standardisation-UNEtook part in various round table discussions during the eighth edition of Know-how & Export, organised by SEGITTUR and FITUR, in collaboration with ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones. At the event, UNE representatives discussed the key role of standards for promoting competitiveness, innovation and intelligent systems in the Spanish tourism industry.

Javier García, Managing Director of UNE, took part in the round table held on Friday, 24 January Smart Talk: "Collaborative economy platforms associated to rural tourism", together with Juan Manuel Serrano, Chairman of Correos, Enrique Martínez, Chairman of SEGITTUR and Óscar López, Chairman of Paradores. Each representative expressed their own experiences and viewpoints.

The Managing Director of UNE discussed the relevance of standardisation in the development of the industry as well as the platforms. The UNE CTN 178 on Smart Cities, chaired by Enrique Martínez, will create a new committee to develop the standard on collaborative economy platforms, taking into account general platforms and specifically those aimed at rural tourism.

Paloma García, Director of Standardisation Programmes at UNE, participated in the round table discussion on "UNETUR. Standardisation in Smart Destinations", together with Celia Romero, CEO of Smart Tourism, the State Secretariat for Tourism, Enrique Martínez, Chairman of SEGITTUR, Fernando Fraile, Director General of ICTE and Álvaro Carrillo, Director General of ITH.


Natalia Ortiz de Zárate, representing the UNE CTN 178, participated in the talk "A new semantic challenge for Tourism", together with Enrique Lancis, Innovation Manager at Globaldit, Felipe Santi, CTO at Sismobur and Ricardo Maturana, CEO of Gnoss.


UNE is a key player in the design of the new Spanish tourism model. It collaborates with the most relevant organisations in the tourism sector in the development of national and international standards designed to boost competitiveness and quality in tourism services. 

Spain is a global leader in standards on Smart Tourism Destinations.